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After horrible experiences at Midas on S. Van Ness, I am so happy to have found an honest mechanic at a good value. We failed our smog test the first time and Kevin offered a discount on the second test (after we had the problem fixed) when he didn't have to. I just had my brakes replaced by him and he was the cheapest in town. In spite of this, he went out of his way to check a few other parts that I was concerned about with my car like the wheel bearing. He filled up my tires and discovered a leak and fixed it (extra $20). He is diligent and that makes him trustworthy and a great value. He will be getting my business again.
-- Seth A., San Francisco, CA [12/21/10] Yelp

I usually don't Yelp, but my experience here was so good, and the owner, Kevin was so humble, I wanted to make sure he got the credit he deserves. I had a great experience. Transmission oil and motor oil for about $90 whereas Oil Can Henry's (which I also recommend) would have charged about $150. When he asked me where I had heard about him, I told him yelp. He was very humble for such a good rating saying he his customers put him up there and he didn't realize how good of a rating he actually had. He said he just does a good job and hopes people enjoy their experience.
-- Peter J., San Francisco, CA [11/6/10] Yelp

I would recommend Brannan Auto Experts to anyone!  Kevin is great.  Really knowledgeable, really personable and really makes the whole unpleasant event of having to get your car fixed as pleasant as it could possibly be.  Kevin fixed a battery/alternator/starter issue that three other shops couldn't even figure out the cause of.  He is consistently hundreds of dollars cheaper than other repair shops, he's a one man show and shares garage space so he can keep his cost low.  He always communicates with me throughout the day and let's me know how things are going and when he thinks he may finish the work.  And he consistently has gone above and beyond to make my experience more pleasant; a ride to the rental car place or even I car wash - a perk usually only received at the expensive dealer! - one time when my ride was especially filthy.  But most of all, I really appreciate that he doesn't treat me like a girl!  He takes the time to open the hood and show me exactly what went wrong and how he fixed it - which I love, I'm a total closet gearhead - and I leave with confidence and a little more knowledge!  Thanks Kevin!
--Claire C., San Francisco, CA [8/26/10] Yelp

Bought a car before having it checked out. I know, I know...but I had a good feeling about it. Still, I wanted a pro to give it a clean bill of health or not. Kevin was quick, honest and fair. The car was in great shape (yay!) except for a bent rim that Kevin had on order before I even left. After not owning a car for 13 years, it's good to have the major stress of finding a great, reliable and trustworthy mechanic over with already. Thanks, Kevin! 
-- Linda B., San Francisco, CA [8/22/10] Yelp

I was extremely pleased with the service I received at Brannan Auto Experts, which I chose based on reviews from other Yelpers.  I had a 1996 Honda Civic that got a fender bender. The folks at Brannan not only helped me keep the costs down (since insurance clearly wasn't worth the effort) by finding junked parts, but they went out of their way and held my car for a few extra days as I was out of town on a business trip and couldn't pick it up right away. Their job of paint matching with the new fender was perfect, and everything was done much faster than I would have thought.  While the place looks a bit funky, the folks there are quite professional and they are worth all the 5-star ratings they get. -- Alder Y., San Francisco, CA [7/23/10] Yelp 

Kevin did a great job.  New brakes, oil change and replaced an engine sensor which was malfunctioning on 2003 BMW X5.  On time at a fair price.  I will go back and use his services again.
-- Doug R., San Francisco, CA [7/15/10] Yelp

Great guys, great work, and a great price. I took my car to Kevin to get a part replaced on my front suspension, and Kevin quoted me 2 hours labor, while other shops were quoting me 4+. The other shops had to look in their computer for a quote, whereas Kevin knew exactly what the issue was, and therefore was able to give me a realistic quote. I'll definitely come back here if I need anything mechanical done again.
-- Justin W., San Francisco, CA [3/3/10] Yelp

Kevin is the greatest most trustworthy guy you could ever take your car to! I have been going to him for 10 years.
-- Brett S., San Francisco, CA [1/09/10] Yelp 

Follow on to my earlier review after almost a year of taking my cars to Kevin several times.  I am still more than satisfied.   He is honest, knowledgeable, quick, responsive and responsible.   He's worked on both my BMW and my VW GTI, and has done exceptional and timely work every time.   His estimates are clear and accurate, and when there was a manufacturer's problem with brake pads he'd installed he honored the warranty even though I dawdled in getting the car back to him so long he himself was unable to get the part warrantied.  
-- Marc M., San Francisco, CA [10/31/09 - Update] Yelp

As a female, I used to always worry about being overcharged or lied to, but after meeting Kevin and team at Brannan Auto Experts, I take my car in with any paranoia and he always eases my worries with HONEST, and efficient service. I've gone in convinced I needed new brakes and he's told me I still had more than 50% remaining on my brake pads, and a few other incidents where he could have provided costly and unnecessary services, but didnt.  He tells you what's wrong (or not wrong) and really knows his stuff.  I did need $700 work done on a large leak but I didn't even bother getting a second opinion. After dealing with Kevin and team for over two years I knew he'd given me the best price and service. Businesses like this should be PRAISED AND SUPPORTED!  I think there aren't enough auto experts who treat their customers this well. Thank you Kevin for your great business practices and giving me faith that a woman without too much automotive knowledge won't be taken advantage of!  You and your team are the best!
-- Romea M., San Francisco, CA [6/11/09] Yelp

Kevin is awesome, fast and great. I took my car in thinking I was going to have major transmission fix. Kevin called me in a few hours it was a simple diagnostic and repair. He even had the part available, I've taken it for years to the dealership and they never have the part. I asked if he could rotate my tires while it was there "of course" he said. I picked it up the next day even though it was ready the same day. Kevin explained the work he had done I am still amazed and telling all my friends how quick, easy and inexpensive my repair was. Also he didn't try and upsell me on future repairs like the dealership used to do, he had me on my way in minutes. Kevin and Brannan Auto Experts will be servicing my car for the life of it.
-- Analise T., San Francisco, CA [4/16//09] Yelp  

I've taken my car to the VW dealership several times to fix the mysterious leak/puddle that appears on the floor of my car every time it rains. They charged me for the "work" they did but always told me my car was fine. Right. Several places in SF wouldn't even give me an appointment because they don't "do leaks."  I was referred to Brannan Auto by a few coworkers and Kevin diagnosed the problem after speaking with me on the phone for less than two minutes. These guys know their stuff. I was able to drop my car off and have it fixed in less than an hour (and their lot was packed full). Five stars for excellent customer service, quick/efficient work, and prices that won't break the bank.
-- Brianna H., San Francisco, CA [2/29/09] Yelp  

kevin fixed the air conditioning on my bmw m roadster and charged me the bare minimum. whereas he could have easily given me a much higher quote to fix leaks as others had done, he kept it to what was needed, performed the repairs withing the time and budget he'd guaranteed. I'm thoroughly satisfied and will be taking my cars to him from now on.
-- Marc M., San Francisco, CA [1/02/09] Yelp  

I gotta say - one only can truly say good things really when a warranty issue arises and how one is treated when something inevitably goes wrong. I was treated well, fast customer service and turnaround, ... and as I said before - they have a commitment to quality...
-- Johnson H., San Francisco, CA [11/13/08] Yelp

this is where i bring my car. i've had brakes, transmission fluid, tire rotations, oil changes all done with no hassle. i keep going back.
-- Saikat P., San Francisco, CA [6/3/08] Yelp

Brannan Auto Expert is FABULOUS. Kevin and his staff are fast, reliable, easy to get in touch with, trustworthy, and well-priced.
-- Kate H., San Francisco, CA [4/2/08] Yelp

we've been taking cars in to this garage for years. they're honest and do good work. i've never been disappointed.
-- Lou R., San Francisco, CA [08/01/07] Yelp

I take both my cars here, always good honest work at a very good price. I recommend wholeheartedly.
-- Kevin S., Montara, CA [11/19/07] Yelp

They're great! I've been taking my cars to them for years. I now live in the south bay but still drive my car up to have it fixed there. Kevin does a great job and always makes sure to be as economical as possible while still doing a quality job. I had a somewhat intermittent starting problem that Kevin tracked down and fixed with sheer determination! He's the only mechanic I trust. Over the years I've ended up on the wrong side of the bridge with a broken car and have always gotten horrendously expensive quotes from other mechanics. I always ended up driving my cripple car back into the city to have Kevin fix it back up good as new.
-- Vickie J., San Francisco, CA [3/14/07] Yelp